Expandable Liner Hanger Products and Services

TIW® XPak™ Expandable Liner  Hanger/Packer System effectively isolates trouble zones, sets record in offshore Middle East well. 

System sets size record for expandable liner hanger installation, eliminates two-stage cement job in unstable formations, provides greater well control.

The TIW® XPak™ Expandable Liner Hanger/Packer System is the largest diameter expandable liner hanger ever installed. The system successfully hung a 2,200 ft, 18-5/8-in. liner in 24-in. casing.

Developed by TIW at the request of a Middle East operator, the system was engineered, ISO-qualified to 14310 Validation Grade 3 (API 11D1), and deployed only six months after receiving the operator’s Statement of Requirements.

The system isolated several highly challenging trouble zones. Potential problems in these zones included incompetent sand and marl, heavy oil shows, possible associated H2S gas, probable loss of circulation, water and saltwater flow, possible abnormal high-pressure gas, and difficulty running casing to bottom.

The XPak system eliminated the need for two-stage cementing and the large-diameter port collars required. Cementing above the hanger proceeded normally, and a gas-tight seal was established above the trouble zones. Because communication with the trouble zones was eliminated, well control was greatly improved. The risk from a possibly unreliable cement job in the trouble zones was also eliminated.

“The TIW XPak expandable system provided our client a cost-effective means to seal and suspend liner inside large diameter seamed casing utilizing common casing without the need for honed target joints”, said Ed Royer, TIW Engineering Manager.

Because the trouble zones were completely isolated by solid casing and the XPak gas-tight seal above it, 100 percent returns were observed when the well was circulated after drilling resumed. The well, sited in notoriously difficult geology, was eventually drilled to TD and completed, with no complications.